Business VoIP is an Internet telephone service that specifically covers the needs of an office environment. Typically, these enterprise VoIP systems include IP PBX technology, IP fax capabilities, unlimited virtual extensions (Depending on server size), mobile applications and other VoIP features that help increase sales, increase productivity and make your business Run smoothly.
By choosing a business VoIP service, you are reducing your telephone bill while reaping the benefits that Nethexa Group provides you with the implementation of tools you need to grow your business and your overall profits. IP functions such as IP videoconferencing and IP faxing help reduce infrastructure costs in addition to travel expenses.
Additional tools such as the automatic operator, professional greetings and virtual numbers give the company a clear advantage over those that lack the professional look that VoIP telephone systems and tools help create. There is also the obvious benefit of VoIP: the savings. Switching to a VoIP telephone service for your business can save you on national long distance and international long distance calls or even lower costs on calls within the same headquarters of a single city, freeing up money that can be invested in other areas of your business.

Save time and money

Types of business PBX systems

One of the most important features of having an IP-PBX (Private Branch Exchange) system is that it allows you to connect the internal extensions to each other and also connect multiple external trunks to the system. You will save money using an IP-PBX system because the system allows you to share a certain number of lines, instead of having to pay for each line per user in each place where you are.

IP-PBX on location the client

Local IP PBX systems are installed directly in the client’s offices and are maintained and monitored by Grupo Nethexa. There can be a large initial investment for the hardware of an IP-PBX, so large companies and corporations with their own IT staff tend to use this solution more than small businesses. Grupo Nethexa supports the process from the project architecture, design, sizing and implementation. We are also able to install anywhere in the country and launch projects of any size in VoIP

Cloud-hosted PBX

IP-PBX systems hosted in the cloud are located off-site and managed by Grupo Nethexa. Small and large companies can benefit from the use of a cloud system because they are budget friendly and require much less investment and related infrastructure (UPS, Rack, etc.). It is quoted according to the number of extensions and the related services that each solution requires, they are highly available and flexible.
SIP Trunk If you already have a complete telephone system and a PBX configured in your office, you can still perform the conversion or use of VoIP services by implementing a trunk link. Through the SIP protocol you can connect your PBX to translate all incoming and outgoing calls into IP calls, this flexibility allows you to improve prices on calls to mobile phones, also allows you to have more control when making calls that may involve an additional cost . This is an ideal solution for call centers as SIP VoIP trunks can be elastic, which facilitates their growth or decrease according to demand. Within this service we can offer

  • LDN: National Long Distance
  • LDI: International Long Distance
  • Incoming and outgoing Mobile Telephony with or without numbering
  • Fixed numbering anywhere in the country.
  • Local trunks by city
  • Commercial numbering
  • 018000 (free call lines)
  • 019000 (paid call lines)

Business VoIP phones are called IP phones and connect directly to the Internet or a private network. You can also use traditional phones such as VoIP phones when equipped with an analog telephone adapter (ATA). ATAs connect the analog telephone to the Internet or the LAN and convert the analog voice signals of traditional telephones into digital signals. Functions that can be found in business VoIP phones


  • Transfer incoming calls between employees
  • Put incoming calls on hold and queue for the next available agent
  • Record greeting messages and set them according to the time of day with an automatic operator, and save on the cost of a receptionist
  • Receive and view faxes and voice messages as text in the web portal
  • Use software phones (SofPhones) on smartphones (Android, IoS), laptops and tablets for remote workers.


IP-PBX systems make it easier for companies to save money and at the same time increase their profits. VoIP service and trunk plans are highly customizable for companies or solutions of all types and sizes.