Digital Signage

Although it lives with us permanently, we do not recognize its value directly. We encounter digital signage when driving, entering a restaurant, visiting an airport, or even going to the cinema. The concept has advanced and now encompasses not only screens or projection media but also sound or even scents that can be found in public spaces, transportation systems, museums, stadiums, retail stores, hotels, restaurants and corporate buildings, etc. to provide orientation, displays, marketing and outdoor advertising.

Digital signage components

There are many components to a digital signage solution, but these are covered in a few broad categories:


Physical components: displays, media players (if necessary), network components and multimedia.


The content management system and device and playback software on media players


How digital signage connects back to the content management system, whether via hardline, Wi-Fi or mobile technologies Installation: the entire installation process, from site surveys to final Installation


The significant ongoing cost of the network: the ongoing creation or subscription of new content to keep the network up to date and relevant

There is a wide range of possible applications for both indoor and outdoor use. For example, inside companies, stores, department stores, shopping malls, at the point of sale to attract the customer’s attention, captivate the consumer with dynamic content or improve communication between the company (brand) and consumer.

Nethexa Group provides the necessary means to create in the workplace or in your point of sale a unique information display experience, making use of existing technologies and ensuring a display with high visual content and unmatched multimedia capabilities.

Using this technology we can replace traditional signage to enhance the presentation and promotion of product sales, to display information or even to facilitate interaction with content, using a combination of advanced hardware and software for the player and management of content over the Internet, in addition to presenting content dynamically rather than statically, creating a network of audiovisual systems with daily updated content.

Ejemplo de pantalla ubicada en el aeropuerto Jose Maria Cordoba para la marca Tennis

How it works


Platform-based open-source software facilitates its growth over time and guarantees a cost reduction when implementing and updating the tools included here.

They are supported in the cloud and replicated servers that guarantee continuous operation.

The terminals per screen are solid-state, which guarantees its duration and low consumption of less than 10wats. Furthermore, we develop all our tools to be used from any mobile device, ensuring future access to all those who want to access the service.


Streaming: It is distributed using the internet. Each device connects directly to a server. From this server, the information is generated and distributed in real-time to each of the screens according to a defined schedule

+ Bandwidth, + Dynamism in content, + Real-time information.

Download: The equipment connects every so often and downloads only the changes made, whether in video, text, audio or images. This download is done through the Internet, does not require large Bandwidth and can be done automatically during non-working hours

– Bandwidth, = Dynamism in content, – Information in real-time.

Manual: In this mode, the digital media are distributed through a high capacity SD. These are placed in the device that then displays all the multimedia information until a new change.

0 Bandwidth consumption – Dynamism in content, No real-time.


Artículos y documentos: Complementary texts can be generated and attached for each course based on client topics and audiences. Nethexa Group will be in charge of the follow-up of this blog and the production of each one of them if the client requires it.

Podcast (Audio): The audios of each training are obtained and made available to be indexed on the platform. We provide the ability to create and manage independently as many audios as the client requires.

2D Animation: Grupo Nethexa can deploy this type of content and create it. We take care of the illustration, animation, music, and the client will provide the script. The educator will be in charge of the voice-over.

Vídeo: Our platform allows the playback of high definition videos and the management of large-format screens or alternative formats.

Slides: Our platform allows us to manage content and link it with the company’s existing resources.

Audio Distribution

Specially developed to manage multiple points of sale, our system allows you to deploy Audio in all of them in a simple way without compromising the use of any other device of your infrastructure and optimizing the required bandwidth efficiently.

In addition, the equipment has low power consumption and can be immediately connected to your audio amplification infrastructure and your wired and wireless data network.

  • Prevent your employees from manipulating your brand image and control the environment efficiently. We create playlists for you according to your brand.

  • Insert advertising or announcements at any or all points of sale dynamically.

  • Create your online radio and build customer loyalty by providing a quality service and identity of your own in your music.

  • Let us take care of building your brand through Audio.