Interactive Voice Recorder (IVR)

Our interactive IVR system can receive calls and answer them automatically through our voice recognition system or keyboard, providing an authentic interaction experience with an agent. With this functionality, our customers will be able to:

· Optimize the response times of their customers by automating frequent inquiries.
· Optimize agent time.
· Specialize the attention of users through call segmentation.
· Massive call handling, which improves customer service levels.
· Having metrics through horizontal and vertical analysis allows a constant update of your IVR to improve user service.

Our IVR system allows guiding the user through pre-recorded calls and recognizing the response either by voice or by entering options on the keyboard. With specific developments for each client, you can improve the attention of different users. Additionally, you can carry out outbound campaigns that allow you to interact with your users by providing personalized information automatically and using only infrastructure resources and allowing you to specialize your agents’ work..