Virtual Business Education

Every day the importance of knowledge management becomes more evident, companies and their members require and generate large amounts of information that must be shared and maintained over time. Virtual education solutions play an important role not only in keeping this information documented but also in measuring the current level of your workforce.

Grupo Nethexa is an open technology based company, this allows us to build high quality solutions with state of the art technology and unlimited possibilities for the client. Our virtual education solution will allow you to have control over the entire process from content generation to the end user who uses the course.

Chain of Value

We differentiate ourselves by controlling the entire value chain:

  1. Physical infrastructure
  2. Virtual education software
  3. Content generation
  4. Platform administration and support.
  5. User administration and support.

We have extensive experience in the field of infrastructure services, we are specialists in the area of support and maintenance of high concurrency systems both physical and in the cloud.


Platform implementation

Using, adapting and integrating multiple open source solutions, generating a high quality product and compatibility, according to the current needs of our customers. Using this technology we can generate a better impact in a shorter time without leaving aside security, stability and innovation.

Our development team participates in the active creation of proprietary tools for each client that facilitate the integration with their own information systems as well as the future administration of the students or employees that will use the virtual education platform.


We take care of your infrastructure, we guarantee the necessary stability so that users can be connected all the time.


We manage your suppliers and align them to meet your needs.


Our help desk is staffed with specialized personnel ready to meet both technical and content requirements.

Content Generation

We have a complete team of designers and academic staff that will facilitate the appropriation of content from any source to the virtual academic environment.

  • We turn your information or documentation into something fun and easy to understand for all your target audience.
  • Multimedia (Audio, video, text, images)
  • Graphic design according to the media where it is deployed and the image manual of each company.
  • Support for mobile devices.
  • International standards compatible with other platforms.
  • Transformation of technical content to academic content.